10% Emollient Iodophor Film-Forming Teat Dip 25ltr

Product information


Ready-To-Use Iodophor Barrier Film
  • 10% Glycerine and Sorbitol. Highly effective bactericidal base
  • Added polymers for excellent filming properties
  • Gives teat-end barrier protection between milkings
  • Lower surfactant levels and higher emollients to give excellent teat condition


A non-drip iodine based solution which has been specially formulated to produce a highly effective barrier film on the skin after application, which remains for up to 12 hours. It is ready to use and so is especially suitable for situations where measurement and mixing are likely to prove inconvenient. It gives excellent skin condition due to its high emollient content and long lasting protection.

Features & Benefits

Ready to use formulation

• Protects skin by forming a barrier film

• All year round protection system

• Provides excellent skin condition

• Contains 10% Glycerine & Sorbitol

• Non-drip product

• Visible for up to 12 hours

• Provides protection against environmental contamination

How to Use

When applying MASOFILM squeeze the bottle until it fills the connected cup two thirds full. No dilution is required. Ensure the entire surface is covered with MASOFILM.

Top up with fresh solution as required. Empty and wash out cups after milking.

Ensure skin is clean and prepared before next milking.

Not suitable to be used through any type of sprayer.

Technical specifications

Brand Evans
Condition New


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