Ready-To-Use Teat Disinfectant 25ltr

Product information

Ready-To-Use Teat Disinfectant
  • Bactericidal formulation(passes EN 1656)
  • Extra conditioning properties, 12% emollients
  • Highly visible blue colour
  • Affordable, unique product 


Contains the Lactic Acid salt of a proven bactericide & has been formulated to produce a unique product which gives excellent bactericidal & skin conditioning properties.

It has passed EN1656, showing that the product is effective against a wide range of organisms in the presence of organic matter. The formulation is gentle & non-irritating, containing the emollients Glycerine & Sodium Lactate (which helps balance the pH of the skin), they combine humectant & emollient properties to smooth & soften the skin & reduce cracks & crevices where bacteria may multiply.

It has an intense long lasting blue colour, which quickly & easily indicates which cows have been effectively dipped or sprayed.

Features & Benefits

Ready to use formulation

 Bactericidal (passes EN1656)

 Extra conditioning properties

 Highly visible blue colour

 Affordable, unique product

How to Use


Fill teat cup approximately ⅔full. No dilution is required. Dip teats of every cow immediately after each has been milked, making sure that the full length of the teat is immersed. Top up with fresh solution as required. Empty & wash out cups after milking.


Immediately after milking, spray the entire surface of each teat of every cow. No dilution is required. each teat of every cow with prepared solution.

Technical specifications

Brand Evans
Condition New


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