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Hand Soap

Dove Soap
Dove Cream Bar 126x25g
Gojo Anti Bac Foam Soap
Gojo FMX Antibac Foam Soap 1250ml Refill. For FMX Dispensers
Gojo Foam Soap
Gojo Mild Fragrance Foam Soap refill for FMX 1250ml For FMX Dispensers
Pink Pearl Soap
A luxury, pearlised, pink liquid hand soap, Pink Pearl is a cosmetic-grade soap designed to cleanse and condition the skin
So Hygenic Bactericidal Hand Soap
Food Safe, Antibacterial Soap. Great for food prep environments!
Soft Care Fresh H1
Soft Care Fresh H1 is a highly effective general handwashing product, suitable for application in a wide range of areas, such as restaurants, offices and schools
SoftCare Line Bac Soap H4
Soft Care Line Bac is a mild handwashing soap with bacteriostatic properties. The product does not contain perfume, making it suitable for application in food processing areas.
Tork Extra Mild Foam Soap
Tork Extra Mild Foam Soap provides a quick lather, making it easy to clean and rinse, enabling an effective and pleasant hand wash
Tork Mild Mini Liquid Soap
Ideal for normal hand washing in for example washrooms in offices, hotels, restaurants and public areas. It is a mild, creamy soap, dermatologically tested, with rich and creamy lather which is economical in use. Tork Mild Liquid Soap is an all-purpose soap.
Tork Premium Soap Liquid Extra Hygiene
Tork 88 Antibacterial is a creamy antibacterial soap for washing hands in restaurant kitchens, catering establishments, hospitals, food industry etc
Tork Premium Soap Liquid Mild
•Perfect for all normal hand washing •Cleans and actively conditions the skin •Skin friendly, mild formulation •Environmental license with Nordic ecolabel •Bottle collapses to 70% volume meaning less wastage.
White Bactericidal Food Grade Hand Soap
White Pearl 5ltr White pearlised hand soap Bactericidal