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Floor Pads

Click on link above for Ultra High Speed Floorpads
A superb selection of eight pads for use with machines operating at 1000 to 3000 rpm
Black Floor Pad
Stripping - Heavy duty wet stripping 14" (More Sizes Available)
Blue Floor Pad
Cleaning - Moderate scrubbing or heavy spray cleaning 14" (More Sizes Available)
Brown Floor Pad
Fast Stripping 14" (More Sizes Available)
Emerald Floor Pad
Stripping - Heavy duty wet stripping Emerald Floor Pad
Green Floor Pad
Scrubbing - Heavy duty wet stripping 14" (More Sizes Available)
Maroon Floor Pad
Cleaning - Cleans damp, buffs dry for spray cleaning. Removes scuff marks and polishes. 14" (More Sizes Available)
Red Floor Pad
Buffing - Dry or spray to remove scuff marks and restore shine. 14" (More Sizes Available)
Tan Floor Pad
Polishing - Dry polishing synthetic or natural finishes to high lustre. 14" (More Sizes Available)
White Floor Pad
Polishing - Non aggresive dry polishing to a high gloss. 14" (More Sizes Available)