Efficient caustic-based cleaner. 10ltr

Product information

       For Thorough Cleaning of Re-Usable Milk Filters

  • Efficient caustic-based cleaner
  • For the prevention and removal of protein or milkstone deposits
  • Simple 1:1 usage ratio
  • With added water softeners for hard water

1 x 10ltr


A unique formulation designed as a strong cleaner for the prevention & removal of protein or milkstone deposits on re-usable in-line milk filters.

Features & Benefits

Efficient caustic based cleaner

• Simple 1:1 usage


How to Use

Whilst stirring continuously, slowly mix equal volumes of Filter Cleaner & cold water.

Immediately after milking has finished, remove the elements from the filter body & thoroughly rinse off excessive soiling with cold water

Immerse rinsed elements in the prepared solution & leave until just before the next milking.

When required, remove the filter elements from the solution and, before using, rinse thoroughly in cold running water.

The solution should be renewed every month.

Technical specifications

Brand Evans
Condition New


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