Easy Strip 5ltr

Powerful high active formulation that removes the most stubborn floor polish.

Product information

Quick, powerful & effective action.
• Suitable for use in a spray stripping system.
• For use on a variety of surfaces including vinyl, rubber, linoleum & sealed floors.
• Very useful for removing polish with a mop in small or confined areas.
• Approved for POLYFLOR flooring

Removes polish with a mop or in conjunction with a floor machine.
Can eliminate the need to neutralise to save time & money

POLISH REMOVAL WITH MOP: Dilute 1:6 parts warm water (800 ml per 5 L).

POLISH REMOVAL WITH FLOOR MACHINE: Dilute 1:50 parts warm water (100 ml per 5 L / 3 x per 5 L).

APPLICATION USING MOP OR FLOOR MACHINE: Mop solution generously onto section of floor, leave for 5 minutes. Do not allow solution to dry out. Agitate with mop or scrub with floor machine & stripping pad. Remove slurry with wet-pick up vaccum or mop. Providing all slurry has been removed, it is not necessary to rinse the floor, however, we recommend to damp mop the floor with clean warm water to remove wheel marks left by the wet pick-up vaccum. Always check floor is neutral before applying polish.

SPRAY STRIPPING: Dilute 1:20 parts cold water (25 ml per 500 ml / 1 x per 500 ml) in a spray bottle. Spray floor lightly & scrub using a stripping pad & high speed floor machine.

Technical specifications

Brand Evans
Condition New


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