Domestos Bleach

5ltr Thick Domestos Bleach. Highly concentrated bleach formulation to kill germs, leave clean and fresh.

Product information

5ltr Thick Domestos Bleach

Domestos Bleach

Concentrated thick bleach with detergent for the disinfection of toilets, drains and sinks, with the added benefit of stain removal

1 x 5ltr Container

Sensible hygiene

The Domestos range offers people peace of mind when tackling germs, and responsible advice for establishing sensible home hygiene regimes. 

From its original incarnation as a liquid bleach, the brand has been extended and developed to offer a variety of products and fresh fragrances. Domestos now brings the power of thick bleach to surface wipes, toilet gel, toilet cistern and rim blocks – making the use of bleach easier and more convenient for the modern householder. 

How it all started 

  • Domestos originated from the Newcastle garden shed of William Handley, a 25 year-old dental mechanic. He bought sodium hypochlorite from ICI Billingham and sold the solution from 1929 as a steriliser, drain cleaner and even a treatment for sore feet! The product was sold door-to-door in large stoneware jars that were refilled by salesmen with special bicycle and hand carts.
  • In 1937 housewives paid 6d for a bottle plus a 1d returnable deposit. The bleach was sold as an 'all purpose cleaner' but also had other uses such as to 'sweeten' drains. At the outbreak of World War II stocks increased as the product was used as a treatment for burns.
  • In 1952 Domestos sold through retail outlets and was distributed nationally where the slogan "kills all known germs dead" was first coined. It was also during this time when Domestos became proactively involved in health education. It ran a campaign to encourage polio vaccination, gaining official endorsement from the Institute of Public Health and Hygiene.
  • Domestos was acquired by Unilever in 1961. In 1969 the Domestos Hygiene Advisory service was formed – a first for customer service care.
  • The new millennium saw the launch of Domestos Oxygen bleach and the 'thickest ever bleach' in 2003.
  • Colour was next on the agenda. In 2004 Domestos unveiled a bold new Pink Power bleach to give shoppers even greater choice. In 2005, Domestos Aqua Blast is launched.     

Technical specifications

Brand Demostos
Condition New


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