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Ideal for both adults and kids, these drinking straws are perfect in any beverage, from cocktails to milkshake.

Drain Solution improves flow rates and prevents odours in your pipes.

If you want you can keep them straight, or you can bend the neck for easier access. So simple, yet so essential.

To aid a streak free shine to all glass ware

Professional dishwash tablets!

An absolute must in a professional bar environment and should be used at least once per week to restore your glass wash machine.

This product is an aluminium cleaner and descaler which can be used for descaling dishwashers, kettles, and industrial food processing machines.

5ltr Selvo Beer Line Cleaner cleans and sweetens your beer pumps with simple soaking alone.  Suitable for both pressurised dispensing equipment and traditional hand pumps. Completely odourless and taint free.

Removes stains, soap deposits and grease/oil/fatty residues.