We stock a full selection of the VersaClean system range to businesses, schools and healthcare in the UK. Available in a range of sizes and models for tailored cleaning. Order from Astral Hygiene today.

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The Mini is an exceptionally compact service module designed to be used where the primary object is to clean and to be seen to be clean.

The Midi is exceptionally compact yet has the added advantage of additional storage capacity for all those essential cleaning materials and provision for a pair of 6-litre red and blue pails supplied.

In size, capacity and construction the Maxi has been our professional flagship for more than a decade.

AK1 - 30-litre lidded waste bin & blue tray & red 6-litre pail (to fit all Versamop units).

The Versamop 2222 mopping module is, in every way, a classic design providing generous twin 22-litre wide bucket mop facilities with ample dirty water, rinse and clean water capacity and equipped with our tried and tested, efficient Allmops press.

The Versamop 2215 flat mopping system is designed to provide a highly efficient, fast and convenient mopping unit and the increased efficiency of our Speedclean flat press substantially extends the scope and appeal of this type of system.