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Cif Professional Oxygel Ocean Fresh

Cif Oxy-Gel the first multi-purpose liquid gel spray with an active oxygen-based bleach to help lift dirt more effectively.
PRICE: £26.64

 Cif Professional Oxygel Ocean Fresh

Cif Professional Oxygel Ocean Fresh

Cif Professional Oxygel Ocean Fresh with active oxygen for floors and washable surfaces. During use, the oxygen develops micro-bubbles, which help in lifting up the dirt quickly.

Pack Size 2 x 5ltr

There's no getting around it – real homes get dirty. And there's no point wishing it would disappear as if by magic. We all know that you just have to tackle it head on!

First choice cleaner

Cif has always been up for the tough cleaning jobs around the house - in fact, family and community are at the core of our home care philosophy. Cif believes the easier we make your home tasks, the more time you can have with the people who matter to you most. That's why Cif has been the UK's first choice in cleaners for decades.

How it all started 

Cif's arrival in France in 1969 heralded the end of scouring powders. Cif literally became a household name after the famous 'Skater' ads, which highlighted how powders can 'scratch like skates on ice'.

  • Cif made its debut in the UK in 1974 (then know as Jif). The non-scratch formulation revolutionised household care – British homes really took a shining to it. 
  • In 2001 Jif changed its name to Cif, and launched Cif Oxy-Gel - the first multi purpose liquid gel spray with an active oxygen-based bleach to help lift dirt more effectively. 
  • In 2005 Cif revolutionized cream cleaning with the launch of new Cif power cream - bringing tough cleaning Cif Cream to a spray format. Cif power cream is available in two specially formulated sprays - one for the kitchen, the other with active anti-limescale power, for the bathroom. 
  • 2008 sees the launch of brand new Cif Actifizz, the first multi-purpose cleaner to use effervescent technology – a powerful new solution to cleaning that works right in front of your eyes. Available in two fantastic fragrances, Ocean & Lemon, Cif Multi-purpose Actifizz gives fast and convenient cleaning.

Did you know? 

  • Cif sponsored the prime-time TV programme, How Clean is your House - where grime busters Kim and Aggie scrubbed and decluttered Britain's filthiest houses.