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  • Florazol®


    Concentrated deodoriser 1ltr. High Perfume, leaves a clean fresh smell. Very good for care homes and hospitals.
  • Odour Neutraliser

    Odour Neutraliser

    Odour Neutraliser 750ml. Works by killing the bacteria that causes the smell, so once the smell is gone, its gone for good!
  • Odour Neutraliser 5ltr

    Odour Neutraliser 5ltr

    Odour Neutraliser 5ltr. Very effective odour neutraliser.  The only one in our range which actually kills the bacteria on contact which is causing the smell.
  • Air Freshener

    Air Freshener

    Astral's Own Air Freshener 400ml Our BEST SELLING Air Freshener!
  • Bio Productions Solid Gel Air Freshener

    Bio Productions Solid Gel Air Freshener

    Specially formulated odour counteracting perfumes and longer lasting fragrance release make these gels the subtle way of maintaining a fresh, odour-free environment.
  • Charm Air Freshener

    Charm Air Freshener

    2 for £1 Eliminates odours, leaving the distinctive fragrance of fresh laundry to freshen your home or business. A high perfume yet economical product, will sweeten and freshen every room in your home.  
  • Fresh Air Freshener

    Fresh Air Freshener

    High quality, liquid air freshener and odour neutraliser, for trigger sprays
  • Fresh Deodoriser Concentrate

    Fresh Deodoriser Concentrate

    A candy disinfectant and deodoriser concentrate based on a synergistic blend of active biocides for guaranteed results as an air reconditioner.
  • Glade® Silver Professional Air Freshener

    Glade® Silver Professional Air Freshener

    Available in 500ml canisters, these high strength, 2-in-1 action Glade air fresheners both deodorise as well as fragrance the air, leaving a lasting freshness and aroma.
  • Shades Air Freshener

    Shades Air Freshener

    Pleasantly fragranced aerosol air freshener. 400ml. Available in 3 fragrances citrus squeeze, summer flowers and marine breeze