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New Formulation Pipeline Sanitiser 25ltr
PRICE: £38.58


Pipeline Sanitiser
  • Caustic/Chlorine based formulation
  • Mixes easily, is non foaming and rinses freely
  • Defats and protects rubbers
  • Economical is use. Effective in all water conditions


A caustic/chlorine based liquid circulation cleaner, which has a fast cleaning action & removes milk residues efficiently in all milking parlours & pipelines. It may also be used for cleaning direct expansion tanks. It mixes easily & is suitable for use in hard or soft water, and defats & helps prevent milkstone build-up. A 25 litre container is sufficient to make 8000 litres of working solution.

Features & Benefits

Caustic / chlorine based formulation

• Mixes easily, is non-foaming & rinses freely

• Effective in hard or soft water

• Defats & protects rubbers

• Economical in use

How to Use


Immediately after milking has finished, remove all dirt from clusters, tubes & jetters & thoroughly rinse plant through with clean, cold water & run to waste. Make up a solution at a rate of 125ml VANORINSE to 40 litres (5fl.ozs to 10 gallons) of hot water (71°C /160°F). Draw into plant allowing some solution to run to waste until the solution is discharging hot (at least 50°C) from the return line. Then set the return line for circulation & circulate through plant for 15 minutes & then run to waste. Rinse plant thoroughly with clean, cold water & allow to drain completely.


After milking all equipment should be rinsed with clean water. Make up a solution at a rate of 125ml VANORINSE to 40 litres (5fl.ozs/10 gall) of warm water (45°C/113°F). Brush the equipment thoroughly in the prepared solution for at least two minutes ensuring that all surfaces come into contact with this solution. Rinse with clean cold water & allow to drain completely.


Where chlorinated mains water is not available or if the supply if suspect, DAIRY HYPOCHLORITE may be added to the final clean water rinse at 25ml to 40 litres of water (1 fl.oz/10 gall).