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TASKI swingo XP

Step on, automatic scrubber drier
PRICE: £14,913.77

 TASKI swingo XP

TASKI® swingo XP
Stand-on 30 inch (75 cm) auto scrubber with sensor steering combines excellent maneuverability with speed for faster cleaning and increased productivity.

Key Features
Greatly increased productivity
Best cleaning results
Immediately dry floors
Reduced water and energy consumption

Greatly increased productivity
The new stand-on concept with sensor steering combines excellent maneuverability with speed for faster cleaning. A highly efficient water management system reduces the number of time-consuming tank filling stops.

Best cleaning results
The new scrubbing unit with micro-rotating movement offers high level cleaning results, while saving a significant amount of the cleaning solution versus conventional rotary or cylindrical systems.

Immediately dry floors
The excellent drying result (due to the W-shaped squeegee) allows use of the machine at any time of the day, while reducing the potential risk of slip-fall accidents caused by wet floors.

Reduced water and energy consumption
The environmentally-friendly machine leads to more efficient use of natural resources.

XP Medium nylon scrub brush (2 required)    XP Red floor pads (pack of 10)
XP Drive discs (2 required)    XP Blue floor pads (pack of 10)
XP Microfiber contact pads (pack of 4)    XP Black floor pads (pack of 10)
Batteries, sealed set of 2    Automatic charger for sealed batteries
Description of Features     
BMS (Battery Management System)    An internal monitoring system prevents deep discharging of the batteries. LED Battery display allows the operator to visually check condition of battery charge.
IntelliFlow™    The IntelliFlow™ system allows for a speed-dependent supply of cleaning solution. This feature ensures that the amount of solution dosed onto the flooor is always constant—no matter how fast the machine is operating. The result? No puddles in curves and turns as well as significant savings in cleaning solution, leading to significantly increased productivity of the machine.
Micro rotating scrub deck    Combines the best attributes of rotary and cylindrical cleaning all in one patented scrubbing platform. No need to choose one or the other.
Patented squeegee    The unique “W” shape with dual pickup hoses continuously self-adjusts to the flooring surfaces and delivers a dry floor without “trail mopping.” Easy on/off squeegee.