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Starch Laundry Powder

Clax Silver is a wheat-based starch, which is suitable for dry dosing and for dosing from stock solutions. This product can be applied on cotton and VISA material. Natural powder starch
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Laundry Starch

Clax Silver
Natural powder starch

Clax Silver is a wheat-based starch, which is suitable for dry dosing and for
dosing from stock solutions. This product can be applied on cotton and VISA

Key properties
Clax Silver is a wheat-based starch, a natural product. This product has a small
average particle size, and consequently particles can penetrate well into fabric,
depositing in and around fibres.
Wheat starch contains a high proportion of amylopectin (relative to amylose)
and therefore has high cohesiveness and forms good films. High amylopectin
starches are also suitable for preparation of stable stock solutions.
The wheat starch film on the fibres will act as a protective layer, thus restricting
penetration of soil into the fibres. In this way starch will also function as a soil
release agent, when dissolving in the next wash. Please note that for good
starching, fabric should contain sufficient residual moisture and the right
temperature and pressure should be applied.

Clax Silver can be used for starching cotton bed sheets and table linen and
polyester (VISA) table linen.

• Excellent starching of cotton and polyester (VISA)
• Has soil release properties

Use instructions
Dosing levels are dependent on wash classification.
Starch should be applied in the last rinse of a washer extractor or in the last
section of a continuous batch washer.

Recommended dosage:
Standard cotton
(bed sheets, pillowcases and shirts): 5 – 7 g/kg dry goods
Table linen (100% cotton and 50 % PC): 5 – 9 g/kg dry goods
Polyester (100 %; VISA): 12 – 15 g/kg dry goods

Please note the following:
• The bath level of the starch processing step should be as low as possible, as
to increase the starch concentration. This will result in a cost-effective
• During starching the pH of the solution should be around 5.5.
• The risk of bacterial growth is high when starch is left in the last section of a
tunnel washer over night or, even worse, during the weekend. It is therefore
recommended to avoid situations where classifications that need starch, are
the last one’s to be processed at the end of the day. To minimise risk, it is
advised not to process starch classifications in a tunnel washer that is also
used for washing hospital linen. In those cases where this cannot be
avoided, it is necessary to suppress bacterial growth by applying Clax

Clax Silver

Technical data
Appearance White powder
pH [10% solution] 6.0
Bulk Density [g/l] 450
The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.

Safe handling and storage information
Store in original bags, away from extremes of temperatures.
Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is provided in a separate Material Safety Data Sheet.

 Pack Size 1 x 25kg

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