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Fast-acting acid-based formulation 25ltr
PRICE: £64.86
  • Fast-acting acid-based formulation
  • Prevents milkstone build-up
  • Suitable for all types of milking plants and equipment
  • Low-foaming and quick-rinsing
  • 25ltr Container


A specially formulated, concentrated, low foaming liquid for descaling & removing milkstone from pipelines, equipment & bulk tanks in the dairy industry. It contains a high concentration of active ingredients to ensure a thorough cleaning action to not only remove milkstone but to prevent harmful bacteria building up in the milkstone deposits.

Features & Benefits

Low foaming & quick rinsing

• Highly active acid based liquid

• Suitable for all types of milking plants

• Prevents milkstone & bacteria build up

• Built in detergent to help leave glassware sparkling & clean

• Provides a thorough clean

• Colour coded red for easy detection if not rinsed thoroughly

How to Use


Rinse off milk with clean cold water. Prepare a solution at the rate of 2 litres MILKSTONE REMOVER to 40 litres of warm or cold water. Soak equipment thoroughly in the prepared solution or circulate the solution for 10 minutes. Drain & rinse thoroughly with clean cold water to remove all traces of acid.


To keep equipment free of scale, use MILKSTONE REMOVER monthly, as shown above, at the rate of 375ml to 40 litres of warm or cold water.