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Ministry Licensed Iodophor Teat Dip/Spray 25ltr
PRICE: £51.18

Masocare® Extra

High Emollient Iodophor Teat Dip/Spray
  • Authorised veterinary medicine, iodophor formulation
  • Rapid bacterial kill (passes EN1656 in 15 seconds)
  • Super-high (12%) emollient levels to give fabulous teat condition
  • Effective aid in the control of mastitis


A ready to use iodophor based solution which has been specially formulated to help reduce the bacterial contamination that causes mastitis in dairy herds. It reduces the risk of infection by leaving an antiseptic film of iodine adhering to teats which have been treated by dipping or spraying. It contains, at 12%, a very high level of Glycerol and Sorbitol as emollients, to help ensure excellent teat condition under all conditions.

Features & Benefits

Medicines Act approved iodophor formulation

• Effective aid in the control of mastitis

• Ready to use as a teat dip/spray

• Dilute 1:80 as an udder wash/cluster dip

• All year round teat care system

• High emollient level aids healing of cracked & damaged teats

• Contains 12% Glycerol & Sorbitol

How to Use


Fill teat cup about ⅔ full. No dilution is required. Dip teats of every cow immediately after each has been milked, making sure that the full length of the teat is immersed. Top up with fresh solution as required. Empty and wash out cups after milking.


Immediately after milking, spray the entire surface of each teat of every cow. No dilution required.


Dilute 1:80. To help prevent cross infection, individual cloths or disposable paper towels are strongly recommended. Dry teats before milking. Immerse clusters & agitate for at least half a minute. Rinse in clean water before use.

Wash & dry udders & teats before milking.